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Relax, Create, get back to nature...

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What is a Farm Chic Retreat?

A farm. In Italy. Yoga. Meditation. Massage. Delicious food. Nature.

Retreat to nature, self-nurture, beauty, wellness and relaxation!

Our Farm Chic Retreat is located on the edge of an Italian National park! Buried in the mountains in a yoga and wellness community, surrounded by forests, trek trails, waterfalls and delicious organic farmland!

This is a unique retreat experience, with the opportunity to spend time with animals, farm the delicious organic fruit and veg produce that you eat.

With Daily Yoga classes, Holistic massages and after care consulting, meditation,

Fit your retreat around your schedule! Choose the length of your stay between 8th and 16th of October 2018. Prices per night starting at €50 (£45)!



Quiet the mind and you will hear the heart.

Meditation can take many forms. Throughout your time on the retreat you can experience one or more of the following, candlelight/fire meditation, mantra and sound meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation, dynamic meditation, still meditation, Art meditation.



Bare feet and Wellies!

This retreat is relaxed, holistic and a place where you can fill your soul with nature! We will have some of our yoga practices outdoors on the forest deck. It is your chance to be wild and free, pick your own herbs for your tea or fruit and veg, spend time with the horses, donkeys chickens and geese. Go for walks without your shoes on! Swim in icy rivers. Discover waterfalls and beautiful hiking trails. Part of being Farm Chic (and Italian!) is going with the flow, listening to your body and how it feels in the present!



Focus on the present moment.

A retreat should also be taking a break from constant structured activity. There will be lots of time for you to reconnect with yourself, read, go for walks, watch the clouds float over the mountains! Activities are non-compulsory, if you want to do something, wonderful, if you want to take some time to be with yourself wonderful!



Your body is a temple...

As part of the retreat package you can enjoy, depending on the length of stay up to 3 holistic massage therapy sessions (plus sessions can be purchased at an additional fee) with follow up aftercare information specific to your needs. This is a time for you to relax and unwind, alleviate muscular tension and stress from your body and mind. Reduce anxiety and increase your energy levels and immunity. Holistic massage therapy is the perfect partner of Yoga Asanas as both work to improve mobility, flexibility and circulation allowing you to experience longer, more pain free meditations, and generally take a healthier, happier body and mind into your everyday life.

Group Yoga Session


"All life is yoga." - Sri Aurobindo

Enjoy 2 daily Yoga Asana classes, we will cover different styles and postures, whilst keeping a progressive thread so you can develop your own practice and safely practice Yoga Asanas life long!

The classes will also include other aspects of Yoga, pranayama, mantra, science, history and philosophy.

Be curious about who you are...

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