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Knowledge is Power! Imagination is everything...

Little Books for Little Yogis

I am the universe white and gold.jpeg

I am the UNIVERSE!

"I am the UNIVERSE!" is an inspiring book for children (and adults!), that goes on a journey of EVOLUTION, from the universes beginning all the way to being a human! At the same time offers an entire 45min - 1.5 hour yoga class, for children's yoga studios and/or exercises that parents can try with their children while they are reading the book.

It is simple on the surface and can be used as a fun fiction story, but at the same time, when reading and practicing in-depth, it covers:

✪ Yoga Asana Postures,

✪ Animals and colours,

✪ Nature,

✪ Questions and answers (Also on values and strengths - E.g. How can we be brave?)

✪ Core Yogic Breath exercises,

✪ Visualisation, mindfulness and ways to relax,

✪ The importance of human connection (With other people and also with ourselves!)

Learn about what makes us, US!

Yoga in the SKY front cover and instagra

YOGA in the... Sky!

Up, up and away! The little Yogis go to do yoga in the sky. Fly with the birds, float with the clouds, zoom with the jet planes and whizz with the wind. 

Of the many parts of Yoga, the main points of focus in this book are:

✪ Asana Postures,

✪ Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Techniques),

✪ Meditation,

✪ Mindful observation of thoughts.

The book can be used as a fun story or a Kids-Yoga Asana Class (Approximately 45 minutes)!

It is also interactive and encourages:

✪ Making noises!

✪ Answering (and asking!) QUESTIONS!

✪ Using the imagination and creativity (e.g. What adventures are waiting for you?)

Come fly with me!

Wonderful world book

Wonderful World


Wonderful World is a little book for all people big and small! A fun story, a creative drama, a bedtime rhyme, a YOGA class a journey in NATURE.

Come on an adventure to discover the beauty and wonder of planet earth! Be curious and learn about nature and your own brilliant body.

Bend your body:

The book is a Yoga Asana Class and can be used to practice yoga in the home, the classroom or, of course, the yoga studio whilst learning about the WONDERFUL WORLD.

The best part about this book is that it plants a tree!

Learn about NATURE and weather

Get in Touch
Front cover RAINBOW CAKE.jpg

The Rainbow Cake

Get your spoon, apron and delicious ingredients ready for the Great Yogic Bake off.  Take a journey with Chakra through the different energy centres baked as a scrumptious Rainbow Cake. Learn what they are for, the associated colours and mantras and how to keep them balanced with love, kindness and self-observation.

Learn about the Chakras

The Wandering Tree

The Wandering Tree

The wandering tree is dedicated to all those who are curious and have used bravery to walk in the direction of thier dreams.

Learn about following your heart.


Rory's Rock Rocket

Here at Little Yogi Universe we LOVE SPACE! Take a journey through the imagination of little boy called Rory who dreams of going on adventures to outer space and will stop at nothing to follow his dreams!

A rocky journey in space!



Ever wondered what is hiding inside a black hole...? SURPRISE... YOU ARE!
Join Dave and go on a journey through the UNIVERSE in search of supernovae, creating black holes. Are you brave enough to go inside, turning into Spaghetti and Star Dust!?
Will you be lost forever...?
This is a children's book for children AND adults!

Learn about Black Holes.

Letter snow book


Little Joe and the Letter Snow!

A book of wishes and wonder for the home and classroom.

Little Joe stares out of the window one chilly winters evening and makes a very strange wish.

He wishes for snow... but this is no ordinary snow - it is MAGIC!

Shout letters OUT LOUD and turn the snowflakes into funny shapes, objects, food and animals.

The perfect resource for sounding out words and letters in a fun and creative way.

The Letter Snow can also be used as stimulus for Creative Drama classes and imaginative play.

Love to Learn!

Learn letters and sounds

Get your copy
The weather dance front cover.jpg

The Weather Dance

Pirouette in the wind, Jazz Slide on the icy pond, Roll like a snowball and leap like lightning!

The Weather Dance is a book for Little Dancers and Little Learners!

It was first created as a focal point for an Early Years Dance and Movement Curriculum. It serves as a fun story, a journey in learning about weather and as a set of dance moves that can be integrated into a presentation!

Have fun at home practicing the movements and keeping fit and healthy. Use the story in the classroom to break up seated activities in a structured way to get the body twisting and turning. Read it with your Tots Dance Class and as a resource to work towards a small presentation of new moves, new dance vocabulary and vocalising with confidence on stage!

Whether you are at home, at school or in the dance studio, it is amazing to move your body with other people, dance with a partner and move to the music.

 Love our world, love your body, love to learn!

Learn about dancing and weather!

Make me magic front cover 2.jpg

Make me MAGIC!

MAGIC, ADVENTURE and IMAGINATION! Ted dreams of becoming a magician and one day, he decides to travel the world to learn from the best magician around and collect all their tricks. He takes a bag of balloons to exchange for his lessons in magic and bravely embarks on his first adventure... To SINGAPORE!

Follow Ted, see the sights in Singapore and learn magic along with his new magician friends.Be blown away with magic hoops, disappearing cloths, card tricks and more! Practice along with Ted and build your box of tricks too!

This book was originally created and used for a project in The Singapore Children's Hospital. Accompanying the book, a magician and two actors brought the story to life and performed the magic tricks mentioned in the story! The book can be used as a fun tale adventure, to motivate aspiring little-magicians, to be read alongside the performance or practice of the story and magic tricks. They are simple and easy to buy online and hopefully can, one day be included with a re-edit of the book!The profits of this book will go to the An amazing charity that take magic, circus and lots of laughter to children all over the world who need it most.

Learn about magic tricks!

Muddy Marvin 1.jpg

Muddy, Muddy Marvin

Time to get MUDDY! Squish, squidge, SQUELCH! MUD is AMAZING! But, if there is one thing that little Marvin doesn’t want to be – it’s muddy!Marvin loves being squeaky clean and his sister Maddie, loves planting, rolling and digging in the mud. Despite her best attempts to get Marvin to join her, Marvin prefers to stay away from getting dirty at all costs! However, an innocent trip to the farm could change everything!

This book can be used as a story, as a tool for exercising the imagination in creative drama classes and to learn about mud and how fun it is to sometimes get a bit muddy! Find out more about Evolve book plants a tree in INDIA!

Little Yogi Universe is a proud partner of One Tree Planted, Reforesting and planting trees all over the world.

Love Nature. Love our Earth. Love to Learn!

Learn about Mud and Nature!

granny's groovy grass one tree planted.j

Granny's Groovy Grass

Why does Grace love the weekends? 

Because she gets to visit her Granny and learn all about GROOVY GRASS! Find out about different types of grass, what it can be used for and some of the amazing things you can do with it. Meet the animal, plant vegetables, play tennis and lots more!

'Granny's Groovy Grass' was originally created for Evolve Arts Early Years Adventures Curriculum for the Nature Term and is part of a series of Integral Education Books that combine learning with creative drama, movement and imaginative play. In this book we see a lot of 'G' Words and 'Gr' sounds to try, it can be used as a fun story, a way to learn about the environment and nature or, as a resource for creative drama classes - to go on a journey into the grass, maybe to meet a lion, to have an exciting tennis match and enjoy a birthday picnic with friends, using the IMAGINATION!

As a proud partner of One Tree Planted, This book plants a TREE in India!!

Love Nature, Love our World, Love to Learn!

Learn about GRASS and animals!

Mrs. Look lemons front cover one tree pl

Mrs. Looks' Lemons

Let’s go to the library! Meet Mrs. Look, she loves to learn. One day, while looking out of her window, she sees an empty spot on the lawn! What could she fill it with… A lemon tree! Perfect. Instead of googling how to grow a Lemon Tree, Mrs. Look decides to go Old-School and heads down to her Local Library to find a good old fashioned BOOK on how to grow a Lemon Tree – but it’s not as easy as she first expected!

Learn about libraries, lemons and L-Words!

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