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Self-Retreat Workbook for Personal Transformation
  • Self-Retreat Workbook for Personal Transformation

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    You deserve to be Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Whole

    in your body, mind, heart and soul.


    A retreat is a calm space to find safety, sancturary and support.


    Imagine if we could become this retreat-space for ourselves!?

    Watch HERE.

    This is the 2021 Self-Retreat Inner Work Book. For a year where Self-Care and Self-Love is more important and necessary than ever. 


    We make these books because we understand how difficult it is for so many people to travel (however near of far) to go on holidays, retreats or travels. 


    Since 2020 our retreats moved online and even that is difficult for many people, with tricky schedules and remote work!


    So, what better time to re-treat yourself, fill up your cup and take away some consistent practices for well-being. 


    The purpose of this WorkBook is for anyone experiencing or anticipating great change or transition in their lives, anyone who feels alone or in need of support, anyone experiencing difficult situations, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, giving and caring so much for others, not giving enough back to themselves and feeling drained of energy, anyone who is interested in personal development, self-knowledge transformation from the inside - out, for those looking to learn new tools and techniques that are simple, accessible and available to start practicing right now!


    Along with reading and learning there are many downloadable meditations, videos and audios, forms for self-assessment and access to the Whatsapp Community - to be in a space with likeminded humans on the same journey of conscious self-care and self-development. 


    Everything is already within you. Inner Healer aspires to remind you of that.


    That has all the power within them to Change, Heal and Transform themselves and thier life. 


    Healing should not be a luxury. 


    We want every person seeking this fulfilment to recognise their true essence, highest self, greatest strengths and infinite power.


    Self-Retreating is an invitation to actively participate in the creation of your life.


    You will be guided during this journey of self-observation, releasing emotions, feeling, breathing, moving, healing, all to embrace a new perspective about yourself and life.


    These tools can support you to step into your full potential of being and stand up, empowered to be whoever you are IN THIS MOMENT.


    Learn about the 4 dimensions that exist within you. Discover how to approach self-healing through all those 4 dimensions - physical, mental, emotional and heart.


    Develop a self-care practice and with every step of the way growing in the conviction that you deserve to be happy, peaceful and healthy. 


    Always with love.


    Find more pracitces on our YOUTUBE.

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