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Did You Die? E-book
  • Did You Die? E-book


    Follow the journey of a very curious Baby and his Turtle. The pair stick together through experiences with the transient cycles of nature, life, death, birth, love, wonder, confusion, fear, friendship, growing up, letting go, change and transformation of energy.


    A Simple Story, inspired by being witness to so many incredible people and their experiences, acts of strength, determination, transformation, resilience and growth.


    A book for any head, any heart and any human to remember the nature of change and the gift that we are able to live through the roller coaster of love, loss and life.


    There has never been a more important and pivotal time to begin opening up, developing perspective and exploring one of the biggest and heaviest Taboos that so many of our cultures and societies still hold. 


    Did You Die? is a summary of the teachings given by nature and other people on transformation, scientifically and metaphysically. After a beautiful experience when delivering a lecture in Borneo about the transformation of energy and a women being able to make peace with the passing of her sister, it became clear that it would be useful to represent our cyclical nature and constant changing in a simple way. Finally, during a meditation in Brazil, the story, characters and chapters came almost fully formed. I was able to write it out in a single night. Over the next few days I worked on the illustrations - using the left hand (non-dominant), to simultaneously illustrate the gradual progression of detail and complexity as the book goes on.


    "It has been said a million times,

    Yet, still, it seems so strange…

    - That all we can be sure of

    Is that everything will change..."

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